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I met Justin Neuhardt while starting a story on REAL RocknRoll Movers. Some folks from Hollywood were visiting so they were having a kind of impromptu party at headquarters. As the spirit moved them, some of the guys started grabbing instruments and playing out on the sidewalk. Justin came out with this incredible homemade multi-percussion objet d’art slung across his chest made up of upside down cans tied together with rusted wire. He pulled out some brushes and commenced to whisk the shin-dig out of those cans. It was fast, folksy, and friggen awesome! We hooked up a week later at his house in Venice to do some pics.

He’s made 76 of these beauty’s so far. He’s exhibited them in galleries and sold ‘em in music shops. He also plays the bejesus out of them with  The Hackensaw Boys. The shoot was a blast, Justin’s a great talker and a damn fine fellow.